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Hello and Welcome to our blog! We hope you enjoy your stay, why don't you take a look around? We're a group of cosplayers from the Dallas/Fortworth area of Texas and we hope to see you at local cons!
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I would love to join you all in an Adventure Time shoot! I should be creating a facebook within the next few days, so when I do, would it be alright to send you guys a friend request so you guys can let me know when you are planning to have one? Sorry if I'm intruding...~BMO (From earlier ask)

S’all good! Message our FB page before Afest or Acon and we’ll get in touch! 

Who would you say your biggest fan is ?

We haven’t gotten around to weighing them all to find out but when we throw them on a scale we will let you know.

In your new video, who's idea was it to do the opening words from The Powerpuff Girls? I laughed so hard I almost out of my chair. :) I love your videos.

Glad you enjoyed em! The idea for the Powerpuff opening goes to Taylor who is our Nekozawa.

Can you recommend any good quality online wig stores? Your ones all look great! Thank youuuu!! ^_^

Arda-wigs, wigisfashion, and epiccosplay are a few good ones to look at, ebay also has some pretty nice wigs as well as fm-anime for character specific wigs 




Hiccup won’t eat his cereal

What is wrong with you.

i didn’t know how much i needed this

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Can we expect any more videos coming up? I'd love to come to a convention but they're unfortunately too far away <3

We do have a few on hand that need to be edited, one of them will feature tamaki in a penguin kigurumi~

Dionysus Thyrsos - Kamigami No Asobi (x)Cosplayer: (x)

Dionysus Thyrsos - Kamigami No Asobi (x)
Cosplayer: (x)

floats like a butterfly
sinks like a rock (x)
cosplayer: (x)

floats like a butterfly

sinks like a rock (x)

cosplayer: (x)