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Hello and Welcome to our blog! We hope you enjoy your stay, why don't you take a look around? We're a group of cosplayers from the Dallas/Fortworth area of Texas and we hope to see you at local cons!
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Opening the wonderful present we received from Victoria and Goergia!

Have you ever eaten aliigator?…… Wrong question, how in character to OHSHC are you when you're out of your cosplay?

Well the main thing to remember is that we’re all assholes! I suppose our Kyoya is the most in character in that regard! ;P

Some of us are nice if you get to know us - Ashlee

What state are y'all from??

A bit of pre-panel shenanigans for your viewing pleasure; A lovely song from Tamaki, Kyoya, and the twins.

Have you ever heard of ALERT Academy? (Rndom question, sorry.)

Nope, but let me ask you a random question back. Ever heard of the glory of Fahjeet?





Do the members of the group have individual accounts??

Yes some do, some that I can name off the top of my head are Quantum Moose, grelltheslutcliff and Ask-Geekboy. The last two belong to our Renge and the first is Tamaki. I know the twins both have one as well as our Honey and Haruhi but I can’t for the life of me remember what they are!

Have you ever thought of doing skits on Ouran and putting them on YouTube?

That might be interesting but only if the right group of people did it, I happen to personally think that a large portion of the time that cosplay groups do skits that they seem very contrived and the only real fun in watching them is to see exactly how dreadfully aweful they turn out to be. I for one would hate to see myself looking that goofy online (and trust me I normally don’t have a problem with that). Frankly I just don’t think it’s something we can pull off with any amount of grace at all!

I (Ashlee, aka Renge) am currently writing a script for a skit, purely for my own amusement. If the group enjoys it and is willing to put forth the effort we may enter it in a contest. :)



Pants off dance off with two of our members!