Ootori Group Cosplay
Hello and Welcome to our blog! We hope you enjoy your stay, why don't you take a look around? We're a group of cosplayers from the Dallas/Fortworth area of Texas and we hope to see you at local cons!
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My friend and I watch your panels so much that we have started quoting them in our day to day lives.

Hopefully I will see you guys next year! I will say hello! :)

We look forward to seeing you !

are you guys disney princesses??

Sarah is! She cosplays Elsa from Frozen!

You guys are from Dallas right? So if there's a con in El Paso would you take the time to go? -El Paso/Fabens anon

We could certainly try, but a lot of us have full time jobs and schooling, which makes it a bit difficult for us to attend cons that are outside of our usual circuit.

Whoever plays Tamaki is really good at it it's so amazing oh my gosh

That would be Jesse! He really is wonderful, we all love him to death!

Just wanted to say you guys are really rocking the group cosplay! I'm going to to track you guys down next year to get a picture! <3

Thank you very much, we’d love to see you!
We’re hoping to have a little group meet and greet at some point at AnimeFest this year, so keep an eye out for information about that :)

I was wondering if anyone has ever asked your twins to kiss? It must be awkward considering they are actually brothers. How do they react/answer to it?

It does happen occasionally, and sometimes, depending on the situation they can be good sports and do a stage kiss, but to be completely honest it’s a little weird for everyone, since they are actual siblings.

Hey ootori group well I wanted to ask if you guys are gonna post any new videos on you YouTube because you guys are amazing

We’re working on it! Animefest is coming up in a month, and we’ll have tons of new content to share with everyone when it’s over :)

Demons, Angels, and a colossal geek.

Demons, Angels, and a colossal geek.

We are high class demon commanders!

We are high class demon commanders!